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Pocket Squares UK – Black and Yellow Liverpool made

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I love the texture on these Pocket Squares UK Yellow and Black Version.

They have got this extremely well put together blend of silk and cotton.

It is smooth and looks amazing when folded in the pocket of the jacket.

And the fact that is truly Pocket Squares UK made is even more awesome.

Just imagine how cool you are going to look wearing one of these!

However if you all of a sudden don't like this particular Pocket Squares UK made, you may want to have a look at our vast selection of other pocket squares and bow ties.

They are here.

Super trendy to go with any jacket and jeans, for example..Find out more about what to wear it with here.

Apart form that - it is made here in Liverpool, and is amazingly affordable! "Pocket Squares UK - Yellow and Black" - the clue is in the name i guess...

It also has got this beautiful packaging - ideal for as a gift!

100% Silk

100% Made in Liverpool

23 x 23 cm

Not even messin...