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Pocket Square Matching Ability from Liverpool

Regular price £49.99

Pocket Square Matching the outfit always makes you feel nice and pretty!

Whether you are only going to wear a pocket square for men at the BBQ, or your best friend birthday party, it doesn't matter.

You must look your best.

Why wouldn't you?

You are going to look and feel better.

More people are coming to speak to you...

They may even ask where did you get it from?

Keep it as a secret, as it is not only about pocket square matching the entire outfit, but maybe you should try matching it to your partners outfit. Try it!

This is what the pocket square can do to your look. It goes well with navy suit for the wedding, or grey suit to the office.

Just imagine for a second how cool you are going to look wearing one this pocket square matching.

Also super trendy to go with any jacket and jeans, for example...but in case this is not your style....there are plenty more here...

Apart form that - it is made here in Liverpool, and is amazingly affordable! There is some good information on Wikipedia, how to fold a pocket square and some good references also

It also has got this beautiful packaging - ideal as a gift!

Not even messin...

Size: 34 x 34cm

Fabric: 100% Cotton

We make all our products here in Liverpool. This is actually our promise to you. One thing for sure. We will never go elsewhere. There will always be made locally, produced, packed and distributed by local merchants. This is what Men' Finest Pocket Square stands for.