Grey Sheep Big Bow Tie
Grey Sheep Big Bow Tie
Grey Sheep Big Bow Tie
Grey Sheep Big Bow Tie
Grey Sheep Big Bow Tie
Grey Sheep Big Bow Tie

Grey Sheep Big Bow Tie

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*Exclusive Private Collection*

This material is English Cotton from Liverpool.

Colour - Grey Sheep Big Bow Tie.

I promise you this - it looks much better in the real life than it does on this pictures:

Every gentleman who is into their neckties should have Grey Sheep Big Bow Tie in their wardrobe because of its uniqueness and fabulous colour scheme.

This bow tie could be a perfect fit for anyone who is after more casual, toned down look of their bow ties.

I would recommend wearing in the Autumn and Early Winter.

The perfect outfit for this bow tie needs to be carefully thought through, cause not anyone will be able to subtly blend The Flowers, The Gold and the light Orange into their outfits.

I would go fo browns and dark oranges.

I would pair that with a pattern.

I would stay away from just a pure white shirt.

I would also go for countryside attire feel and look.
The cotton material is really soft.

It gives stunning depth to the entire look.

This is a deep butterfly shape bow tie, with fully adjustable 14-20inch strap, very simple and classic bow tie mechanism.

This bow tie is entirely made by hand here in Liverpool with the special cotton interlining resulting in a very clean and crisp look.

We looked back at some of the historical pictures and sketches to find out if this Grey Sheep Big Bow Tie actually fits into British Style Classic.

And it certainly does being inspired by 1970’s and 1980’s cotton manufacturing.