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Classic White Pocket Square from Liverpool

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I almost never go without them. Most definitely never go without them to a dinner party wearing Classic White Pocket Square combo!

But I guess some people may wonder so let's dive into it. The question of whether you should wear a Classic White Pocket Square combination with a bow tie is not the question that you should answer yourself. We will tell you: You have to!. More formal/corporate settings should always be accompanied by white cotton or linen pocket square... In less rigid settings any pattern that freely matching your outfit is advised and recommended.

But in this case we are talking about Classic White Pocket Square or some sort of formal dinner setting, so please do everyone a huge favour. Wear pocket square.

Irrespective of which color/texture I'm wearing, rarely do I expose more than 1-1.5 inches of fabric. This is general guidance but don't take my word for it...Wikipedia said the same..

Overall, I feel the Classic White Pocket Square gives every ensemble that little touch of panache that says, "NOW, I'm ready."

So it is not even a question of whether/if to wear a pocket square - it is more of a question which one.

But you may not be sure about it so we have more than a 100 different kind...have a look there

Made from 100% cotton

Made 100% in Liverpool

24cm x 24cm

It also has got this beautiful packaging - ideal for as a gift! do yourself a favour and get this tartan pocket square today.

Not even messin...