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Blue Pocket Square Keeps Falling Down – not this one!

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I always wear a pocket square. but i hear a lot: " My Pocket Square keeps falling down."

The answer to this could be in here. Use these simple tricks not to have a nightmare titled pocket square keeps falling down...

  1. Fold it in the right way...depending on the depth of your pocket, fold it so it always stays up.
  2. Choose the right size of a pocket square. This one is 25cm x25cm
  3. Choose correct fabric. We recommend cotton if you pocket square keeps falling down. This one is cotton.

Irrespective of which color/texture I'm wearing, rarely do I expose more than 1-1.5 inches of fabric. This is general guidance but don't my word for it...Wikipedia said the same..

Overall, I feel the pocket square gives every ensemble that little touch of panache that says, "NOW, I'm ready."

But you may not be sure about it so we have more than a 100 different kind...have a look there

Made from 100% cotton

Made 100% in Liverpool

It also has got this beautiful packaging - ideal for as a gift!

Not even messin...


The one you can see on this page is a Red version of "pocket square keeps falling down". There is also a Blue version of it here.