The Italian Summer Burst Bow Tie

Dress With Intent This Summer

For Only £50

"£50 ($70) For a Cotton Bow Tie?"


“Is the price wrong?”

No, it’s marked correctly

“Does it come with anything else?”

Yes, a wooden box

“So it’s just cotton and a wooden box, nothing else?”

Yes, in the same sense that Bentley is just a hunk of steel and Dom Perignon is old rotten grapes.

“So is this a special type of bow tie that only fashion models wear?”

No, not exactly. Although it’s style is influenced by the world renown Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy.

And the rich cotton is sourced from an exclusive mill in Bergamo, Italy. It’s also handmade the old fashioned way here in England. Just look at it:

But the price isn’t about the label. It’s about the rare dying skill of hand crafted bow ties, the exclusivity of the material sourced and the rarity of owning 1 of 15 bow ties ever made.

You’ve probably seen many bow ties in your life before. You probably own a selection of them. But you’ve never seen the type of bow tie I’m talking about here, guaranteed.

Just Imagine an elderly lady with bolts of cotton towering over her, a needle & thread and a sewing machine older than your parents.

Carefully weaving her needle in and out and laying stitching with an antebellum elegance about it - then you have some idea what this bow tie is like.

Each bow tie takes 2 hours to craft. With over half of the bow ties thrown away.

Sure I could sell them too, but the stitching needs to be sewn in a way that mirrors the Mens classic wear of the 1920s and guarantees decades of use.

In good faith, if even one stitch is out of place, it doesn’t make the cut.

Can you see the difference in a £50 ($70) bow tie?”

Maybe? I certainly can, I know other tailers can.

“Why would I buy a bow tie for £50 ($70)?”

Perhaps you enjoy the finer things in life. That you’ve invested a lot into your clothes already and can appreciate the art that goes into creating such a bow tie?

Maybe you can see yourself wearing this already with your loosely fitted flannel shirt, linen trousers, boat shoes and your choice of shades?

Could it be you’re looking for a new bow tie that captures people's attention, compliments your shirts and adds that ‘complete’ look to your outfit?

It could even be that you enjoy owning one of the finest bow ties ever made in history. Even the Aristocracy, Kings and Presidents didn’t have access to patterns as complex and as full of colourful detail as my bow ties.

As the art of creating handmade bow ties goes extinct they naturally become more precious with time.

Because such assets are so rare these days, they come with a price to own such rarity and for only £50 ($70) it's a steal.

“Does it come with a guarantee?”

Yes and free shipping too. The guarantee lasts you for 6 full months. Buy it, wear it and if you don’t receive any compliments send me the empty wooden box back and I’ll refund you fully.

Heck, I care about my name and brand so much, that if your bow tie was ever to lose its shape and shrivel up in even 10 years time. Send me a photo and I’ll fully refund you.

But that’s never going to happen, you’ll understand once you own it


Maja L

Absolutely beautiful accessories, just look at the detail! Essential for any man who likes feeling elegant and sophisticated - of which Michael is an epitome, always with great advice on hand. Remember gents, it's the little things that count towards a good (first) impression - mensfinestpocketsquare is the perfect place to achieve it ;)

Michal W

If you are looking for a square and a bow-tie you've come to the right place. I would highly recommend them for variety of colours and genuine style. Check them out!

David B

For the guy who wants to arrive in style.awesome accesories