Silver Birch Silk Tie
Michael Frackowiak is wearing Silver Birch Silk Tie
Silver Birch Silk Tie
Silver Birch Silk Tie

Silver Birch Silk Tie

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Feel the difference of wearing this classically elegant silk tie. Where craftsmanship meets quality sourced materials.

This tie is perfect for those special occasions, displaying a simple pattern of blue spots encompassed in white and surrounded in a sea of silver. Making it neutral in design and easy to pair with a range of suits and colours.

The material is sourced from a small silk mill in Milan, Italy. Before being handcrafted here in Liverpool, England. Only 20 of these ties where produced adding to their exclusivity.

 We’ve purposely made this tie slightly longer than your typical, ‘off the rack’ ties, freeing you to express yourself further with creative knots, such as the Windsor & St. Andrews knot.

A full canvas interface was used to ensure your tie remains crisp and wrinkle free for decades to come.

Length:  165cm or 65inch

Width: 9cm

Material: Italian Silk

Guarantee: Up to 6 month returns