Italian Summer Burst Bow Tie
Italian Summer Burst Bow Tie
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Italian Summer Burst - Bow Tie

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This handmade Italian summer burst bow tie was meticulously crafted for those warm sunny days.

The material is a fine crisp cotton sourced from Bergamo, Italy, and hand stitched with care in England.

Rocky alabaster white was chosen for the background. Finished with a classic floral pattern, displaying lime greens, deep ocean blues, sunflower yellows and cherry reds.

See yourself wearing this with a loosely fit flannel shirt, rolled up sleeves, linen trousers, boat shoes and your choice of shades.

Alternatively, match the Italian summer burst bow tie with a navy or blue suit and a clean crisp white shirt.

The adjustable sizes will fit your neck, while the inner stitching works to keep your bow tie firm without losing its shape - granting years of use.

Buy this today and own one of fifteen crafted in the world, while enjoying our generous 6-month full money back guarantee.

Product details:

  • Size: fully adjustable from 14'' to 20''
  • Self-tied (comes with instructions)
  • Free worldwide shipping