Astral Blue Bow Tie
Michael wearing astral blue bow tie

Astral Blue Bow Tie

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The astral blue bow tie steals this classic style from the 1960s when it was first popularised by British aristocrats.

This is our easiest bow tie to match with your outfit. The astral blue compliments jeans, chinos, pocket squares and hats due to its neutral colour.

My personal recommendation is wearing this with a crisp white shirt in a two-piece suit and deep blue cufflinks.

This bow tie is made entirely from hand in England using locally sourced cotton.

The adjustable sizes will fit your neck, while the inner stitching works to keep your bow tie firm without losing its shape - granting years of use.

Buy this today and own one of fifteen crafted in the world, while enjoying our generous 6-month full money back guarantee.

Product details:

  • Size: fully adjustable from 14'' to 20''
  • Self-tied (comes with instructions)
  • Free worldwide shipping