Bottom Line - Why Your Square Should Never Match Your Tie?


Before I can answer the main question on why you should never match your tie and your square have a listen to this video:

You are making the same fashion mistakes everywhere.

You’re matching your pocket squares to your ties.

Are you the only one doing it?


But I get it!

pocket square and tie set

To be honest, it makes sense.

Your tie sits in close proximity to your square. 

It’s natural to want some continuity woven throughout your look. 

We are men.

We are very simple in terms of colour coding and colour matching.

Cause otherwise we could be in trouble for trying to match things that are not supposed to match.

The best part?

When you’re shopping, it’s especially easy to find ties and squares made from the same fabrics and patterns. 

And if a brand offers the matching set, that means it’s okay to wear them together, right? Wrong…so wrong. 

But I thought to myself: “Hmmm. Interesting.”

Why is it that all the shops are doing the same mistake?

I literally shouted out loud: “I need to combat this!”

So I did.

Let's dive into this right away.

There are a few reasons to avoid the exact match.

First, menswear purists view the matching ensemble as cheap and hokey. 

Your pocket square is a small detail that shows a true penchant for style despite its minimal appearance. 

Choosing an exact match for your tie means you’re incapable of making even the simplest style decisions.

But we Men are simple, simple creatures.

And we want simple things.

But the truth is…

You can do better than exactly the same pocket square and a bow tie.

That’s not the vibe you want to send out with your carefully chosen look.


Exact matches can demote a strong look to mediocre territory. 

After investing time in finding the perfect suit and a killer pair of shoes, it could all be wasted because you’ve taken the easy way out with your square choice.

The matching set screams amateur box set.

Set box that your mama gave you for your Christmas present.

And now you have to wear it…

You don’t!

Your look needs balance. 

When you use a square and tie that are identical, you pull onlookers’ eyes to a horizontal line on your torso. 

It’ll be the first place they look for all the wrong reasons. 

And furthermore, they’ll miss out on all the other details that you actually invested time in.

Your fitted suit.

Your polished shoes.

Your perfectly ironed shirt.

So what’s the alternative, you ask?

If not an exact match, how do you achieve consistency in your look?

That’s easy.

Instead of matching, you should be focused on colors and patterns that are complementary.

Complementary patterns and colors.

For patterned squares that have polka dots, paisley, geometric prints, or another brand of subtle design, choose a tie that brings out one of the colors in your square. 

Paisley squares often feature hints of deep purple and beige. 

Play with that.

So many to choose from:

To complement this, you could pick up a tie that’s solid purple. 

You don’t want to clash with another pattern, but the color creates a nice continuity between accessories which will have everyone staring at your torso midline for all the right reasons.

Imagine how this could look with casual attire.

Some jeans or chinos.

Some roll neck jumper.

Some Cashmere suit jacket.

And paisley pocket square.

Match made in heaven.


If you’re going with a solid pocket square, choose a tie color that complements it. 

Let’s use the previous scenario. 

Instead of a paisley square, you’re using a purple one. 

You don’t want to use a purple tie, even if it’s another shade. 

You should opt for another color from the cool end of the spectrum that goes hand in hand like a rich brown.

Purple and Brown, you ask?


You don’t feel it?

Go with Navy Blue.

No pattern, just plain a simple colours.


Never match!

Often, guys are concerned that they’ll make a hideous mistake if they don’t use a matching set of accessories. 

But in fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

If you focus on pulling out key colors of a pattern or balancing out a bolder color with something subtle, you’ll find the balance and bring out the full potential of your look.

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