Why wear a pocket square?

Pocket Square is more than accessory.

Some say it should, maybe even supposed to, be used in a business casual or business environment.

Thus the fundamental question remains unchanged - why wear a pocket square?

Why wear a pocket square

Let me bring up some points that are going to be hard to argue against:

  1. It gives confidence.
  2. By wearing it in a suit of your jacket you get extra strength, extra points to your awesomeness score.
  3. If you are playing some RPG game now, you would score highly in the sassiness category.
  4. Pocket Square = fun.
  5. My clients often ask me - How many times can you wear the same jacket? Many times - is always my answer, as you can change the feel and look of that jacket with accessories like a pocket square, lapel pin, etc. So the question is no longer why wear a pocket square - it is more what kind of pocket square should You wear? More on that later...
  6. Be a breath of fresh air.
  7. How many colleagues of you, do you think, pay any attention what colour tie go with which watch, and which pocket square?
  8. I bet that 8 out of 10 don't even have got a proper suit and shirt selection, not even mention pocket squares. Let me be clear with you, dear reader from now on, NEVER Leave home without your pocket square in your jacket from now on. Promise?


So here is the thing!

I love reading.

I read studies and articles on variety of subjects.

Recent study on ‘How Your Personality’ is judged based on the clothes you are wearing showed something very clearly once and for all. How you dress matter more with 

Interesting enough?

It was to me.


Because it was directly related to the subject of this post.

How you dress matter more with first impression than anything what you were going to say.

Get this part right and you will be set for success.


The whole notion of dress for the job you want rather than for the job you have is relevant here.

Various of studies show that there could be something biological happening in our bodies, when we put nice piece of clothing on.

Interesting, right?

We feel like a new person.

Have you ever experienced that?

I know I did!

Read The Cognitive Consequence of Formal Clothing if you want to find out more.

How Wearing Good clothes change everything


Also, imagine you are the only guy that get remembered by the people you spoke with. Imagine you go to a networking event and you talk to a lot of people.

Lots of people talk to a lot of people.

You have got 5 seconds to make an impression and get remembered.  

Straight back, confidence stance.

That is what matters.

An interesting new study was published recently, where researches proved that people who dressed more casually, had lower testosterone levels to those who dressed smarter.

You can read more here.

Why Pocket squares in research

But enough of this studies and research methods.

We all know that dressing nicely always makes sense and pay dividends.

It is obvious now that wearing nice clothes including pocket square will make you a better person.

Classier, confident version of who You are now.

Going back to our original question - why wear a pocket square?

We hopefully, dear reader, gave you enough scientific research why should you!

Check our collection of pocket square here.

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