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Suit Supply Discount Code - Hack that works!

/UPDATE/ I have created a couple of new videos about Suit Supply. They may actually allow you to make a decision on whether to buy it or not! If you are a Suit Supply Enthusiast You WIll be blown away by what we sell as a perfect match to most suit supply suits: Back to videos and Suit Supply. Another video to tell why i think that Suit Supply is the best Off-The_rack suit manufacturer company in the world. /UPDATE/ 2nd of April 2017 The Brexit Happened... The £££ value dropped vs. €€€ Does that mean that you cannot get super crazy deals on anymore? NO. DEFINITELY NOT. You can still access great deals at: But only when...

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Sharp and Dapper Discount Code and Best Video Review

There are two things in this article: 1. Sharp and Dapper Video Review 2. Sharp and Dapper discount code This article is about the Sharp and Dapper Shirt Stays that I have reviewed a few days ago over 3 days period. I have reviewed this product via a video. See details on my youtube channel: So what do I think about the shirt stays themselves?  Well, they are a super interesting product. That is for sure. Would I wear it all the time? Most likely. Why? Because it makes your shirt to stay in place. You can move, you can jump, you can do burpees.  Your shirt is ain't going no where. So go to: Choose the product that...

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Anson Belt and Buckle Honest Review done by 9-Year-Old

In this article, we are doing a review of Anson Belt and Buckle. I am doing it with my Nephew Marcel Banski. Watch the video below if you would rather prefer to view the video than reading  about it.  What we have got is a Box Set from Anson Belt and Buckle. It is a gift set that they sell currently at $99. David Ferree has sent me this gift set to review. So this is what we are going to do now. Before we were able to see what’s inside I have asked Marcel to explain and describe how he would rate the quality of the box and what is his first impression. He said he liked it! What...

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32 truths about mens fashion tips. Learn It!

Learn those truths and pass them on as they are classic and timeless 1. Buy nicely fitted clothes. If not go to tailors. This is important. One of the best men's fashion tips. Remember it! 2. There is no such a thing as being under-dressed or over-educated. 3. Unbutton the bottom button of your jacket - it is not supposed to be buttoned. 4. Don't trust anyone with washing your shirts. Do it yourself. 5. Use Vanish Oxi Action for keeping the shirt bright white. 6. Use Vanish Gold Pre-Treat for removing underarm stains (pack of four). 7. Brown shoes = brown belt. Black shoes = black belt. 8. Polish your shoes with Kiwi Shoe Polish. Make sure you have got all...

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Double Breasted Suit - Hot or not?

Double-breasted suits went through various different stages in its long and relatively classy life. It follows best Italian fashion trends of late, but let's not forget that it was originally designed in the late 19th century in England. This is also when it had its greatest triumphs which were in the 20's and 30's. In the Western world, nowadays they become a status of being fashion conscious and display a lot of fashion awareness to the rest of the public.  Events like a recent movie Kingsman played a big part in strengthening its image (by the way Colin Firth is getting better and better every time I see him).   But it is not only blockbusters movie production that can bring the value...

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