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Suit Supply Discount Code - Hack that works!

/UPDATE/ I have created a couple of new videos about Suit Supply. They may actually allow you to make a decision on whether to buy it or not! If you are a Suit Supply Enthusiast You WIll be blown away by what we sell as a perfect match to most suit supply suits: Back to videos and Suit Supply. Another video to tell why i think that Suit Supply is the best Off-The_rack suit manufacturer company in the world. /UPDATE/ 2nd of April 2017 The Brexit Happened... The £££ value dropped vs. €€€ Does that mean that you cannot get super crazy deals on anymore? NO. DEFINITELY NOT. You can still access great deals at: But only when...

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26 man wardrobe essential items by Men’s Finest (with links)

Where do we start? At the beginning, a lot of people would reply. I agree but do we even know where the beginning is? I did not mean to be too philosophical but how do we create a list of items that we should have in our wardrobe that is going to produce a consistent result over and over again. A wardrobe that we steadily rely on, no matter what. If you prefer to see the video, we have just uploaded it to our youtube channel: The aim of this post is to address that. Create an evergreen list of items (with links) that will keep us going and stylish forever…or at least for another two years. Many lists...

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Job interview clothes - how to get remembered?

Have you ever wondered what job interview clothes to wear? If so you are going to enjoy this one. You are welcome. First of all. You should always wear a suit and nice, crisp white shirt and a handmade pocket square for a job interview. Simple. We could end this Job interview clothes section here, but we are not going to. The above combination absolutely never goes wrong in an interview situation. Especially that you have been working so hard to get there. Months of searching, browsing the websites, reading the forums and LinkedIn (hope you didn't forget about that one). Research the company details, find out who is who. Search for News section on the website. Get Google to tell you if...

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Double Breasted Suit - Hot or not?

Double-breasted suits went through various different stages in its long and relatively classy life. It follows best Italian fashion trends of late, but let's not forget that it was originally designed in the late 19th century in England. This is also when it had its greatest triumphs which were in the 20's and 30's. In the Western world, nowadays they become a status of being fashion conscious and display a lot of fashion awareness to the rest of the public.  Events like a recent movie Kingsman played a big part in strengthening its image (by the way Colin Firth is getting better and better every time I see him).   But it is not only blockbusters movie production that can bring the value...

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