Pocket Square Rules.

Pocket square guide

Today we're going to be talking about the dos and donts of pocket squares.

Watch the video that explains everything in greater details.


I can't even imagine myself leaving the house without a pocket square, most men seem to be afraid of them and miss the opportunity to wear one.

Which is a huge shame as pocket squares can boost your outfit with minimum hassle.

There are three main pocket square rules:

  • You have to wear one! I cannot stress this enough!
  • Play with the colors – a pocket square is the easiest way to add some color to your outfit. You can wear a yellow, even pink pocket square and look great, so don't be afraid of colors when it comes to pocket squares.
  • You need to pick a fold style – there are multiples folds available, from the easy two point fold to the Cagney fold and so on. You can learn more about pocket square folds by watching my video guide on Youtube.

One of the reason men don't wear pocket squares is because they don't have a proper one, one they can fall in love with.

So make sure you buy a high quality pocket square, one that you really like.

When it comes to folding a pocket square - it could not have been easier.

What I usually do is grabbing the pocket square and simply push it inside my pocket.

This makes for the easiest fold out there and as you can see from my pictures, it really looks great.

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