Mario Bemer Shoes Review

We all know that finding the perfect piece of clothing is not easy.

Everything starts from the bottom-up. You build your wardrobe from bottom up. 

From the shoes. Italian, handmade, awesome leather shoes.

So I thought it will be awesome if I do a little review of those for you. Today we have got a special brand to review: MARIO BEMER SHOES

I am not even exaggerating when I say that the best leather is produced in Italy, and it was always been Italian thing to make shoes. Especially during the Prato time, little village, north-west of Florence.

Florence Mario Bemer Shoes Prato

"Italian shoes are the compass of what is happening in the world of shoes. where are the trends and they are very good at predicting what I and you are going to wear in 12-24 months time"

There is, of course, many ways how the Italian shoes are created, some brands are taking different method to arrive at the same conclusion, brands like lusso or Farfalla. Also brands like Meccariello shoes and Bestetti shoes and in play. 

Historically I would sign my life away under this statement:

"It takes something special to create special something."

You see, the truth is that that Statement is actually still valid and shoes that Mario BEMER makes are actually proved that fundamentally. They are something special.

This is how I used to buy my shoes:
Go to the store, pay 3x as much and pretend that they were the top notch shoes 'cause I paid £100 for them'
Little I knew that they were made in China, alongside other, less cool brands and I was never made aware of it, neither by the sales assistants or the brand itself.

Now, that's not right!

We need to end this and announce with overwhelming confidence that we only buy from reputable sources, handmade and from quality products. That way you are supporting the local brands, local craftsmanship.

Sounds familiar?

Well, it should be, because all of our pocket squares and bow ties are handmade, reputable sources and executed with astonishing quality.

We need to build shoe buying system that never is going to fail us.
Something that we can rely on.
We need shoe review guidance and principles.
Intense but easy to follow.

Shoes review guidance and principles.

This is what blokes would normally do:
1. Go to the shopping mall, or shopping centers
2. Causally look at some random pair of shoes on the shop window display
3. Realise that they have got a cousin's wedding next weekend
4. But random pair, thinking that spending £100-£150 is 'going to cut it'

That's how the shops make money on you. Nothing wrong with making money, don't get me wrong, but if you are trying to get the best value out of your money, there is a better way.

But, For example, if the shoes cost £100 in the shop, how much do you think that the shop has paid for them from the manufacturer?

In fact, I would not be a surprise if the shop has bought it for £35 or less. That's how the margins are located and that's shops are protecting themselves from months of less business. They have to pay for the premise, staff, bills...They do that by selling 3x the wholesale price of items that then you, the shoe enthusiast.

How can we fix that?

Shoes Reviews

Go online and check what kind of shoes review the brand that you are buying has.
It is just as easy as typing:

Clarks Shoes Review

Clarks Shoes Review

You can see that some brands have got stars from Google to say that
A) the review is real - places like world of shoes are good for that
B) the brand usually has got some sort of Google Shopping presence and you can buy them online
C) people online are very honest, and if the brand is making stuff up by claiming things that are not true - the online shoe brotherhood will make you aware of it

Buying shoes online

It is scary! I am not going to lie to you, I don't like buying shoes online.
But the truth is - you get the best deal
We all do want the best deal since this usually mean great price.

You can also always return it.
You have got usually 7 days to do so without even setting the reason.
That's the law.
Isn't that cool?
Doesn't that make you feel, that you can just return it if they don't fit?
Whole ASOS business is built on that.
As a matter of fact, they want people to return their item, because it is so easy, that everyone is spreading the word for them and keep the whisper marketing going.

Don't be afraid then!
Shoes could be bought online.
I got a 4-5 pair of shoes bought that way.

So what has got to do with Italian shoes?
Leather that is used during the manufacturing process is usually from the highest quality places available. The hand sticking around the sole and edges is going to last long.
The method how the sole and the leather inner layer is put together is done usually using Goodyear welted shoe practice used by hiding brands of manufacturers around the world.


Well, because it allows the shoes to be resoled when they get used, without the need of buying a new pair, for hundred pounds.
It also allows the shoe to be stitched together by hand, makes it more uniquely handcrafted piece of shoe art.

What does that mean to you?

Quite simple actually. It means that you never have to worry about you wonky feet, or the miles you are going to be doing in them, as they can always be sent back to the manufacturer for re-soling and leather polishing

Would you pay £1k for those shoes?
Mario BEMER, Stefano Bemer as they used to be called, is a huge brand with years of experience making shoes. You can go and look them up. The company is listed on Wikipedia. 


You can also find a very interesting info connecting the original owner Stefano Bemer with an A-rated Hollywood star! There have been also celebrities and other movie stars seen in MARIO BEMER shoes, therefore I have decided to ask them to sell me a pair, so I can have a good look and tell you all about this great piece of Italian shoe.

 Their shoes are another level.

 They are great.

Are they £1k great?

have a watch of my review and see for yourself.

Let me know what you think about the shoes, the review and Mario BEMER brand.

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