Job interview clothes - how to get remembered?

Have you ever wondered what job interview clothes to wear?

If so you are going to enjoy this one.

You are welcome.

First of all.

You should always wear a suit and nice, crisp white shirt and a handmade pocket square for a job interview.


Job Interview

We could end this Job interview clothes section here, but we are not going to.

The above combination absolutely never goes wrong in an interview situation.

Especially that you have been working so hard to get there.

Months of searching, browsing the websites, reading the forums and LinkedIn (hope you didn't forget about that one).

Research the company details, find out who is who.

Search for News section on the website.

Get Google to tell you if there have been some recent events within the company that you can refer to.

In one word - do your research!

It may be that your interviewer does not expect you to be so "dressed", but nevertheless, it is a mistake for you not to look your best.

This means wearing a conservative outfit with some modern twists that allow people to have a chit-chat, but confidently that adds to your appearance without competing with you for attention.

In other words - put your best job interview clothes on.

Let there be no illusion that the person who gets the job is the one who gets remembered and the one that everyone talks about (in a good way) an even couple of hours after the interview.

Not the Harvard or Oxford graduate, no.

The guy who made the effort to stand out and get noticed.

The man wearing pocket square for a job interview.

Job Interview

Does the type of suit matters?

Single breasted two or three buttons, navy or dark gray / charcoal suit.

No - it doesn't really matter what style it is.

As long as the jacket and pants exact same fabric, not just the same or similar colour.

What about the shirt?

A white spread collar long sleeves shirt with single cuffs.

Normal two or three buttons shirt are also acceptable.

Crisp White shirt for the job interview

A silk ties in a solid or simple model.

In the UK boardrooms there is still a lot of ties and bow-ties, therefore you shouldn't risk with going without anything.

Wear a tie or a bow-tie.

Almost any color will do well with a white shirt and one of the combinations mentioned above.

Black cap-toe shoes and black belt.

Try not to go with cheap suspenders, as they are going to look cheap and everyone will notice that.

If anything goes for something that compliments your attire.

Something that I put together here as an example.

Socks in the same colour as the accessories.

Don't go crazy.

Unless you know that there is a slightly more relaxed situation, then you can be a bit more freestyle.

Still, make sure that it portrays your image.

There are plenty of companies producing quality socks.

Colourful socks for job interview

One thing to remember is that for less confident and stylish folks - a job interview is not a time to get "creative" with your outfit, especially if you are not already well-versed in suit and tie-wearing.

However, I assume here that this is not the case, as my readers are those with a bit of panache.  

Things not to wear!

A black suit - anything but the black suit will do, a good choice could be either navy or dark grey.

Make sure it fits like a glove.

Otherwise - go home!

Here at Men's Finest, we are always making sure everything fits perfect.

If not - we go and see tailors.

They are really inexpensive these days - in Liverpool, a very good one takes £25 for adjusting the suit and £12 for a shirt.

Don't even think that you can't effort to do it. It is a bargain!

Harland Collier

A wrinkled shirt - obvious?

This is never a good idea when striving for best job interview clothes.

Square-toed shoes and / or rubber soles <- it is a No No.

Invest in a pair of good quality shoes.

You can buy them anywhere and there are so many discounts and outlets these days that owning the old type of shoes are just a very poor excuse to have.

Scratched or dirty shoes - learn how to polish your shoe, as this skill will be invaluable in your late professional years to come.

Good Shoes for Job Interview

Bright colors or wild patterns - don't go completely nuts with your patterns and colours.

Go easy on those interviewers as this is the first time they see you.

If you wanted to last a bit longer than just one day - go easy on bright colours and patterns.

Avoid any type of "fun" socks, especially the 'festive' season ones.

Jewelry is acceptable but does not wear sports watch or bulky and / or flashy watch.

Wedding ring and nice watch only!

Watch for the interview

Don't zip your jacket as if it to protect you from a bad weather.

The bottom button should always be undone!

Also, don't take off your jacket - be a gentleman!

If you want to deviate from the above suggestions - don't - but if you have to, you can wear a light blue shirt instead of a white - it may be seen as a fashionable calculated risk, but it is still a tiny risk.

In many industries, brown cap-toe shoes with a brown belt are acceptable substitutes for their black counterparts.

Don't forget to add a "handkerchief", potentially white, in a "fold TV".

White pocket square for job interview

Let's pause here and understand what we are trying to achieve.

We want to look professional and yet show everyone that we know the business!

Go and choose your handmade pocket square for a job interview wisely, match it with the socks colour, match it with your cuff links, match it with your watch, etc.

There needs to be some sort of consistency on where colour scheme came from.

Maybe go slightly lighter colours when it is summer and slightly darker, brownish, earth colours for autumn and winter.

Doesn't have to be one from Men's Finest shop, but we have got a big selection of colours that depends on the season.

Be brave, but subtle.

Having said that if you have never worn before such an article as a pocket square, do not do it the first time.

Also, make sure you know about folding pocket square.

It is a vital part of your job interview clothes.

We went over this topic a few weeks back and you can find some outstanding info on how to fold a pocket square on our home page.

Complete look for Job Interview

Anything not mentioned in this short article, such as wearing a sweater that you got from aunt Marie, a novelty tie, moccasins, a red cherry dress shirt, floral patterned shirt etc. with your attire must be absolutely avoided.

Remember, this is a job interview.

You want to look professional, but with few exceptions, this is not a place to show your personal style - for most parts anyhow.

If you are absolutely convinced that a suit and tie would be inappropriate, for example, if you were told directly that it is a casual place and you do not have to wear a suit and tie, a good rule of thumb is losing the tie before losing the jacket.

Wearing a tie without a jacket makes you look like a cell phone salesman at the shopping centre.

A professional can wear a suit pants and no tie, but never a tie without a jacket.

You will have more latitude in these less formal situations, but at the same time to keep your clothes clean, simple and snug free.

Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence.

If you arrived in a suit and your work mate says to you: "You do not need to dress up for us!"

Do not be fooled, just smile and say, "I wanted to look the best. I am also going to wear a handmade pocket square for a job interview!".

Ah and finally - Get a decent haircut, take a shower, and cut your nails!

Summary: - Get a nice suit - Get a white shirt - Clean your shoes - Get a Bow tie or a tie - Get a handmade Pocket Square Good luck!

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