Is Diamond Point Bow Tie the best? We discuss Bow Tie Shapes!

When we talk about bow ties, we talk about shapes and also how a bow tie is actually tied together.

Whether it's pre-tied or whether you actually have to tie it yourself.

These are two big categories.

Then, we've got different shapes.

For instance, first one below is a diamond point bow tie, whereas second one below is a butterfly bow tie.

It's slightly oversize and thicker material but it's still usually in line with eyes and ears, so that's more or less where the bow tie should sit.

So we've got different types, diamond, butterfly, and oversized diamond point.

Why would you wear this one?

This one is very good with a jacket, because with a jacket it actually hides underneath.

There is a video version of this blog post which you can find here:

Very often, when you've got a normal bow tie, it actually sits there and it sometimes goes round, so it doesn't stay 100% straight and that pisses some people off.

When you've got a slightly oversized bow tie, especially if it's softer velvet, can tuck it in and it stays in and it looks awesome.

Let's have a look at different type of bow tie.

If you thought that the previous one was a big one, look at those bad boys bikes, they are amazing.


👆This is also an oversized butterfly bow tie, it's pre-made, we absolutely love it!

That's one-off, we have not made one since because, again, we love it but you don't.

Shame on you people!


That' what she said, right?

Haha I'm laughing for my own jokes.

By the way, this is a great gift for a biker.

Imagine that you'd score billion points if you buy one of those to your biker friend.

The most classic of them all, the black velvet straight cut bow tie is unbeatable.

Why this bow tie is such an amazing bow tie and why we sold so many so far.

Well, first of all, because the material that we used here is actually very nice, very soft velvet.

We didn't put a lot of padding, it's the same as when you create a suit where you don't use padding on the shoulders, and all of a sudden, that jacket looks good if you've got a normal straight shoulders.

The same here, we didn't use a lot of padding and, all of a sudden, that bow tie looks extremely good because it's a light-weight version of your normal dinner jacket bow tie.

That was basically the reason.

This one is very much in line with my eyes and ears, again, so, it's a right size for me.

It should be also right size for you if you're a normal standard size like me.



To summarize, what we've got is few different types and shapes of bow ties.

We've got two big groups which is one is pre-tied, one is self-tied.

You remember, choose the one that you feel more comfortable with and then you've got different types of bow ties within it.

You've got oversize diamond:

You've got a pre-tied diamond as well:

You've got a self-tied velvet beautiful, amazing diamond:

You've got the oversized and bikes bow tie.

This is one of my favourites, we only made one of those, this is unrealistic.

It's amazing from another planet!

This one is a very straight cut butterfly normal standard velvet bow tie, pre-tied:

This one is an oversized diamond bow tie, so, it's a bigger one, I showed you that before, it's probably not 100% in line with my eyes and my ears, but it sits nicely under your suit!

That's a self-tie.

You've got, obviously, a normal butterfly here very straight cut, very classic-looking velvet here.

You, of course, have got different colours of diamond bow ties, that's a pre-tied bow tie:

Finally, you've got one of my favourites, the essential, in my opinion, an oversized bow tie as well which is amazing!

Thank you so much for reading this article, I love you guys, you love me, we love each other.


Bow ties forever.

Michael F.


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