How to wear white sneakers in 2018

in this article, we are talking white sneakers and five ways to wear your white sneakers.

White sneakers have their ups and downs, but in today's world, I cannot imagine going anywhere without my white sneakers.

I use them all the time on planes where I usually go somewhere abroad.

I took them to New York.

They went with me to India.

There are lots of places that you can use and rock your white sneakers.



There's, of course, plenty of manufacturers of white sneakers.

These particulars ones are from Cheshire Oaks.

You can have a quick look at my video from Cheshire Oaks.



Probably cost around £40, around $50.

Slightly higher white sneakers, but you can you can buy them at any sort of shape whether they are half-cut or they are full length like this one.

You'll be surprised to see that these can be rock both with your shorts as well as your suit.



Let's first talk about how to take care of them because if your white sneakers aren't white anymore, you need a new pair of sneakers.

What do you do with the old sneakers?

Well, if you can clean them, clean them, of course.

If you can't clean them, or they become a bit yellow or grey of some stains on it that you cannot remove, just give it to charity.

There will be plenty of people who would still use your old sneakers.

Don't just throw them away into the bin.

Truth be told, there isn't that many footwears in men's fashion that are so versatile as white sneakers.

The amount of different additives you can put together with them.

I also put some Vanish Oxi Action (not sponsored)



on to them from time to time just to keep them white.

You can also put them in the washing machine on the lowest setting to, for instance, wash that with your towels and things like that.

I sometimes wash them as well just to give them a nice and bright, sparky whitey look.


You could start our styling game with one of those.

Just a T-shirts from Jack Wills (not sponsored), a solid color.

Solid color and white sneakers and perhaps some navy chinos.

If you put that combo together, that's going to look good.



Your sneakers, your chinos, and your solid T-shirt of a slim quality fabric.

Alternatively, for the summer style, you can go for any sort of again dark chinos, navy, and some nautical style T-shirt which you can find me buying here on this link from Cheshire Oaks.

You can watch a video I made in Cheshire oaks showing you my hunt for Nautical style t-shirt.



Comparing those three items, putting them all together, they're going to look solid.

Okay, think about a shirt and jumper combination for a second.

Having a shirt, some sort of jumper, white sneakers, and some sort of chinos, maybe navy again.



That would actually work perfectly well for any sort of unofficial business meetings, maybe day in the office, maybe some sort of business casual training, that kind of thing.

That would work.

Okay, what if you're heading to some sort of event, maybe after hours?

You pick up your white sneakers, maybe you take your jeans with it, so you've got sneakers and jeans.

Then also, maybe if you heading over to some sort of game or basketball or baseball game or anything like that, football game, maybe you can take some noisey, bold T-shirt with it as well,  all similar colors, that would most likely work as well.



If it's probably late summer, early autumn or if it's during the evening time, you could probably pick up some thicker, nicer wool jumper like a cardigan.

Yes, that's going to go well together.


Okay, I can also probably pick up some sort of ivory cream chinos as well, but then make sure they're slim-fit and fits you nicely.

Put those sneakers as well.

I could go with some sort of jacket.

It could be a Denim jacket if you got one.

I haven't got any Denim jacket, I need to buy one.



What else have we got?

Could we potentially wear white sneakers to my suit as well?

Well, I would say two things that are very important here to remember.

One, it's helpful when the suit is slim-fit and it's kind of built for that very slim physique, so that's number one.

If it's big baggy suit, white sneakers are not going to look good on you.

Especially, if it's everything else than navy.

That is numer Two - Navy is probably the only color I can see white sneakers being paired with.


Where would you wear that?

Where would you wear white sneakers with a suit?


Any sort of informal events.

You can easily change your double monk straps on to white sneakers and you can easily rock there.

So, I could easily think that at this suit could be actually paired with these sneakers.

If I had put a suit on with a nice white shirt that is actually open collar, no tie, no bow tie, or some funky pocket square with it, then those sneakers could actually work well with this.

That's probably the only color I would ever be brave enough to pair with white sneakers.


To sum up, we've got the variety of different outfits.

We can go T-shirt, shorts, white sneakers.

We can go T-shirt, chinos, different colors: navy, maybe cream, and white sneakers.

We can go some sort of event, sporting event where we can have maybe jeans, white sneakers, maybe some printed bold T-shirt, and maybe some cardigan over.

A very wool, nice, thick cardigan.


Finally, we've got one of these two.

This one and the suit where we can have white sneakers, maybe some cream chinos, some sort of solid T-shirt, a sweater over the shoulder.

Finally, we've got the white sneaker and the suit.

Preferably, navy suit.


Let me know in the comments below if you agree with all of the points I made.




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