How To Pull Off A Pocket Square Like A Pro

"How To Pull Off A Pocket Square Like A Pro?" - is an interesting question...

The rules of men’s style are constantly evolving, but some things never change. 

Just like a great tie or a classic woven dress shirt, pocket squares are a timeless way to add some flair to your look. 

But do I really need to tell you this?

Here is the thing, while wearing them might seem as simple as just shoving them into your blazer pocket, there are some general guidelines.

Do you know some of them?

If not, we need to start somewhere...

Quick History of the Pocket Square

The handkerchief was first used as a fashion accessory in 1400s-era Europe. 

They were made from exotic materials like silk and embroidered with breathtaking designs. 

But it wasn’t until the introduction of the two-piece suit in the 19th century that the squares were tucked into the breast pocket of the blazer.

Now, pocket squares remain as one of the longstanding and most popular aspects of haberdashery.

 How to pull off a pocket square like a Pro

Choosing A Pocket Square

When it comes to choosing the perfect pocket square, resist the urge to make it match your tie exactly. 

As men, we have a natural inclination to keep things simple. 

One major part of our simplicity involves matching our accessories. 

The more everything matches, the less we have to think about what to buy. 

Well, there aren’t many rules concerning pocket squares. 

But the hardcore rule that you must follow is a big one. 

Again, your pocket square should not match your tie.

You can use your pocket square to complement your tie or your shirt. 

Let’s say you’re wearing a burgundy tie with small gray polka dots.

how to pull off a pocket square like a pro

In fact, have a look at the picture above.  

You can choose a burgundy square with a bit of design popping. 

Either choice will bounce off your color combination without matching. 

It’ll create a cohesive look without making you look ridiculous.

Crisp and simple.

The occasion also matters. 

If you’re headed to a more formal event, a silk or linen square is more appropriate. 

If you’re pulling together a more casual look, cotton is the way to go. 

Not to mention, the cotton square is sturdier and will stand up in your pocket longer.

Folding A Pocket Square

Once you’ve landed on the perfect square, you have to nail down the fold. 

You have four essential folds to choose from. 

They work for all occasions. 

Which one you choose is more about your preference and personal style.

Straight TV fold

The Straight Fold is one in which you fold the square in half horizontally, in half again vertically, and then fold it into thirds so it fits into your pocket. It is often called TV fold, as TV presenters use it.

That would suggest that if you would like to stay professional, and not looking flamboyant, do the TV pocket square fold .

The One Corner Fold

The One Corner Fold involves positioning the square like a baseball diamond, folding it into a half triangle, and folding the bottom corners up. 

This fold allows the top of the triangle to stick artfully out of your pocket.

You will see this fold being used all the time by men across the country and age brackets.

They think that you have to have 'pointy ends' to express the fashion consciousness.  

Two corner fold

The Two-Peak Fold is literally the same as the One Corner Fold. 

But this time, when you make that initial half triangle, you move the bottom point slightly to the side to create the appearance of two peaks.

My favorite one and therefore last but not least is the Puff Fold, in which you pinch the middle of the square while it’s laid flat. 

The puff fold

The Puff fold is extremely useful, cause it so easy to master and you can show off.

Then you gather the fabric to create a fuller design.

I like this fold as it allows people to express themselves.

You can easily remove the pocket square from the pocket of your jacket, show it to your peers, and in one easy move put it back to where it belongs.

There is no art to it.

All in all, the question how to pull off a pocket square like a pro is simple. 

But if you break the few rules there are, you’ll be a disaster.


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