Grooms Are Sporting Two Looks On Their Wedding Days-Thanks To Pocket Squares

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Earlier this month, Fast Company took a deep dive into an emerging men’s fashion trend at weddings. 

The article detailed the story of Chung Ng. 

In 2012, he had a lavish wedding at New York’s Plaza Hotel. 

His Ralph Lauren Purple Label peak lapel tux was a killer look for the ceremony. 

But he switched into a Tom Ford tux for the reception. 

Brides have been known to steal the show with wardrobe changes. 

But now, the grooms are fighting for some time in the spotlight by alternating between two different looks. 

Among their secret weapons in helping to differentiate between the two looks? The pocket square.

groom two looks

When a groom switches his suit for various parts of his big day, it’ll be clear that he’s changed looks. 

But the suit alone isn’t enough to communicate the change. 

It’s the sum of the smaller details that helps to create a new look. 

When you’re building looks for one of the most important days of your life, keep these tips in mind.

groom 2 looks

Alternate the Folds

One way to make your pocket square stands out in each look is to opt for different folds.

For your first suit, it’ll most likely be the one you’re wearing when you say ‘I do’. 

Therefore, it’s probably the more traditional look.

Makes sense, right?

You’ll need a traditional fold. 

Stick with the presidential, or square, fold for a nice, clean look. 

We showed you that before.

It is one of them:

classic pocket square tv fold

For the after party, the vibe is more relaxed. 

While you’ll likely still be in a suit, it’s time to loosen up. 

Instead of a pristine fold, go for a poof. 

It’ll show your playful side and actually make your square a more focal part of the look.

the poof fold pocket square

Play With Color and Pattern

It is your wedding at the end of the day.

You are allowed to play with colours!

Another way to clearly differentiate between suits is with your pocket square colors. 

For the altar, white tends to be the only real choice. 

It’s elegant and understated. 

And with a presidential fold, you don’t want a complicated design. 

The square will simply peek out over your breast pocket. 

Using a bold pattern or bright color here doesn’t make sense because it will hardly be visible.

But at your reception, go for broke. 

Use this square as a representation of your personality. 

You could wear it in orange or pick a square decorated with roses. 

You have a lot less restrictions in a more relaxed environment.

Or even a very light pink or white.

groom pocket square

Know When To Match

More traditional color coordination is at play in the wedding chapel. 

After all, most eyes will be on the bride, and you don’t want to overshadow her. 

With a white square, there’s no need to wear a white tie. 

If you’re rocking a traditional tux, your white shirt is more than enough to complement the white square. 

A black tie will do the job. 

When you switch to your second look, find a tie that plays on certain colors in your square. 

However, you shouldn’t choose an exact match. 

Everyday pocket square rules indicate that your tie and square should never be exact matches.

The same holds true on your big day.

Complement YES, Exact Match – NO.

pocket square - complement but dont match

Unlike our female counterparts, outfit changes on the big day aren’t about over-the-top statements. 

It’s the details like our pocket squares that can make all the difference.

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