Folding Pocket Square

Folding Pocket Square the right way?
What does it mean? 
There are plenty of sites and guides that teach you how to do it.
But i think they forget about one thing.
In this short article, I will explain what I mean.
I have been thinking about this statement for a while.
Someone says: "well i don't know how to fold a pocket square because you need to have an arts skills and no one showed me the folding pocket square guide" - to me - that bloke is right!
What do you think?
Is folding a handkerchief or a pocket square is all that easy?
As your mates (if you are brave enough not to be seen as a 'that guy').
I bet they don't know it too.
For sure.
In fact, every time I meet new Gents, that is the first question they ask - How do you fold a pocket square?

I think there is a combination of things.

You need to have the immediate sense of pleasantness and aesthetics in you to be able to comfortably match colours and be able to clearly express what the pocket square really is all about.
What is it about?
Well, it is definitely not about folding a pocket square which some of the people 'in the know' are trying to push onto others.
It doesn't really matter if you can fold a pocket square into 23 different shapes:
- two point pocket square fold
- three points fold
- pyramid pocket square fold
- reverse point pocket square
- flower fold
- star fold
- TV pocket fold - the list goes on....
folding pocket square
I, as a safeguard of your fashion kingdom, say No!

So how about making it simple.

Don't you just need a simple pocket square guide which will narrow those folds to two perhaps three maximum? I know that you know it makes sense. Briefly - you need something that is going to make
I know that you know it makes sense. 
Briefly - you need something that is going to work.
Everytime you want to look stylish.

Don't you need just a simple pocket square guide which will narrow those folds to two perhaps three maximum?

I know that you know it makes sense.
You need something that is going to make folding pocket square that bit easier and less confusing.
Here at we are sure that we have got it.
We nailed it.
Follow this simple rules:
  1. Decide what you are going to wear today
  2. Decide which colour matches your pocket square
  3. Pick your pocket square
  4. Fold it the way you want it. Squeeze it, Toss it, Fold it, Cram it.
  5. Done. 
I think we are actually solving more problems than you would initially anticipate.
A Pocket square is not a made up thing that people reluctantly talk about behind closed doors.
People talk a lot about pocket square folding techniques, but I don't think it matters. 
In fact, it is super individual. 
Hanky has got the ability to go from fashionable to functional in the blink of an eye.
Historically they added a dash of colour and style to a wardrobe, and proper pocket square fold add a touch of uniqueness to you.
They also help you get more mileage out of a suit when traveling by changing the shirt and tie you are doing everyone around you a favour, but a pocket square adds the look and gives it a much needed freshness.
It appears that there is more to a folding pocket square story.

How about colours?

Have you considered which colours match certain outfits and certain occasions?
Let's take a look at a white pocket square.
It can be used to many occasion.
I would personally use it for business situations using a very clean and crisp - TV fold.
It is also one of the easiest to get right.
Perhaps some readers may be of a different opinion, but there is something special about having nice, clean, white pocket square done in TV fold. 
I know others are using it also as a wedding pocket square fold.
So would have happened if we would connect white pocket square with a dark suit and Blue shirt with white collar? 
Pocket Square TV fold
Don't forget that we are trying to solve the issue of folding Pocket Square.

Are there any other Pocket Square rules that we should follow or talk about?

You know by now that you don't need 37 different pocket square folds (unless you want to impress uncle Sammy at the dinner party over the Christmas). You probably need to know a few basic folds, perhaps 3-4 ones would be good enough to help in any situations.
So by now you should be able to answer some basic questions:
- How to do a pocket handkerchief?
- How to put a pocket square in your jacket?
Are we clear about those?
Ok, let conclude!
But to be quite frank, it is not that important, as i mentioned before, dear reader, that you can actually use any fold, any combination, anything, and it will look awesome.
Therefore folding pocket square is not science, it is an art, and furthermore an art that no one needs like apart from yourself. So don't get bogged down by the question:
So don't get bogged down by the question: "How do i do it?". You know what good old fashion Nike commercial would say, don't you?

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