Everything You Should Consider Before Buying A Pocket Square - for lawyers

paying for a pocket square by Credit card

This came to me as a surprise question.

And I decided to create a blog post about it.

Your pocket square might seem like a minor detail. 

Hopefully not, since you have been reading this blog for a while.

What is you are in a profession that requires you to wear suits, shirts and ties all the time?

What do you need to know about?

What makes a pocket square such an important piece of clothing then?

You usually only ever display an inch, maybe a bit more depending on the fold.

Why do we need to know so much about it?

Of all the aspects of your look, the pocket square could quite possibly get the least amount of attention. 

People generally are going to comment on your shoes (should always be clean), colour matching, fit and general styling.

So for that reason maybe, you’re willing to grab the first thing you see and throw it in your breast pocket. 

But it isn’t that simple, I would like to argue.

Just as you would ponder the right tie choice or which socks to wear, you need to think about your pocket square before you slide your credit card across the counter or via the World Wide Web.


Set A Budget

How much do you want to spend?

It’s important to know the answer to this question before you hit the pavement. 

Luxury squares could cost you upwards of £200.

You are talking snob, overpriced, one-off pieces of fines silk, designed by McQueen kind of luxury.

Affordable options range from £20-£40. Usually they are very good fabric, cotton, wool or silk. Handmade, with lots of colors of themes.

Our pocket squares fit perfectly in that category.

You can also find vintage squares for pound a pop in charity shops or auction sites.

However, we don’t recommend them as you will look and feel cheap.

Whatever your preference, have a clear budget in mind before you start shopping. 

And remember that no matter how much you spend, your square will have the same impact.

People will see it, make comments about it, and give you compliments.

So be ready for it.

Disregard The Display

When you’re in a suiting shop, the pocket squares will be displayed in full on a table. 

They’ll be unfolded so you can see all of the intricate detailing. 

More often than not, these displays are breathtaking. 

Ready to buy?

Hold on a second.

Don’t be fooled. 

The vast majority of the beautiful square won’t show in your pocket.

Because remember, it all comes down to a fold, so if you do a simple TV fold, you only going to show an inch of that magnificent beauty you have just spotted.  

Instead of ogling, pick up the desired square, fold it, and take it for a test run with your suit jacket. 

Do you still get chills when it’s a pouf in your pocket?

What if you try some other fits?

Do is still look awesome?

If so, you’ve got a winner. 

If it falls flat, keep looking.

If you’re shopping online, look for shots of how the square looks when it’s folded in a pocket.

Shot of it how it’ll be used when you actually are going to use it.


What are you buying this square for?

Are you hoping to add a one-time blast of personality for a special occasion?

Or are you looking for a square that you can wear five days a week?

If you’re interested in the former, the world is your oyster. 

You literally have no restrictions. 

Have one for each outfit and try never matching the same square with the same outfit.

Not easy, but definitely doable.

But if you want a square that you can rely on for the weekly grind, choose a white cotton or linen one.

As simple as that.

Though it sounds basic, white is a monochrome color that matches everything.

No matter what you’re wearing, it’ll always add a touch of dapper professionalism.

As mentioned before, people will stop you, or at least give you a style nod of approval.

Be Confident

You are doing a noteworthy profession, right?

You are very detail oriented, focused and precise in what you do. 

So why your wardrobe does not reflect that?

The pocket square is going to change the vibe of your look. 

It’s a classic menswear staple that signals your maturity and your style prowess. 

You want to choose a design that people can see; you want your square to be noticed. 

But make sure you pick something that you feel comfortable wearing. 

If you have second thoughts or ask yourself at any point, ‘Can I make this work?’, don’t buy it. 

The great thing about squares is that they work best when they’re steeped in subtlety. 

Especially in the lawyers office you do not want to stand out too much, especially you do not want to stand out for all the wrong reasons. 

There’s no need to push yourself out of your comfort zone.


Cause there some many different styles and options.

Flower pocket squares.

Monochrome pocket squares.

Paisley pocket squares.

Blast of colours pocket squares.

Chose the one that is best set for the occasion. 

If it is a after party at A&B Solicitorsm, then you can throw something light and colourful, but if you are going to court, or to see a judge, make sure that the most they are able to stand without making a remark is a flat white pocket square, folded in a TV fold. 

There is an unlimited choice when it comes to something that you supposed be comfortable wearing.

One thing to remember though,

Never Leave Home Without One.

Like any piece of clothing in your wardrobe, finding the right square takes some serious thought. 

But if you take the few extra minutes required to make a solid decision, you won’t regret it.

Other people are going to thank you for your effort of making the world they are looking at prettier.



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