Anson Belt and Buckle Honest Review done by 9-Year-Old

In this article, we are doing a review of Anson Belt and Buckle.

I am doing it with my Nephew Marcel Banski.

Watch the video below if you would rather prefer to view the video than reading 

about it. 

What we have got is a Box Set from Anson Belt and Buckle. It is a gift set that they sell currently at $99.

David Ferree has sent me this gift set to review.

So this is what we are going to do now.

Before we were able to see what’s inside I have asked Marcel to explain and describe how he would rate the quality of the box and what is his first impression.

He said he liked it!

What we got was a set.

This Anson Belt and Buckle set consists of three belts and two buckles.

What they really are is a belt producer with micro adjustable technology.

In simple terms…

You don’t need holes in your belt to keep it tight and serving the purpose.

They reinvented the belt.

This set also came with two buckles that are interchangeable and could be swapped between the belts,

I am thankful for that.
Because as a style enthusiast the last thing I want to see is stretched out belt holes, on a mediocre belt made out of the polyester blend.

So the first point is that there are no holes.


The second point is that you can cut it to any size.

It starts off with 150cm in length.

Then you see how much it is too big and you cut it.

You take a pair of scissors and you cut it. We even suggested that some sort of sharp scissors should be included, but I guess that could be classed as dangerous goods, and increase the shipping price and reduce the number of operators that can deliver it.

Back to the belts.

You measure it and you cut it.

I recommend to cut just a bit off to make sure you don’t cut too much.

Cause you can’t stitch it back together.

Measuring yourself is easy.

All you have to do is set the belt where you should be on you and belt it up like you would normally.

Then after that have a look how much this belt should be cut by.

Cut a few centimetres less and voila!

So all in all, you can use this belt for dressier occasions, casual as well as anything really.

Have a look at the video:


We also did the one of a kind scratch test to the Anson Buckles.

If anything just this video for that.




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