5 Best Pieces in Men's Wardrobe for Autumn 2016

It is hard to narrow down my favourite, best pieces to 5.

In fact, it's an impossible task.
It is like trying to name your favourite child. 
or is it?
Well, maybe not impossible but it made my think hard and I had to choose pieces that are somewhat trendy yet timeless.
I also like finding things.
What I mean is that there is no skill and fun to go Gieves & Hawkes or Hugo Boss or Reiss and pick the pieces there.
The sales assistants are great and the selection is up to date and extremely stylish.
By the time you finish, you have spent £1000 in the process, look great, yet no fully satisfied as you bought it as oppose to built it.
You look good, but you look the same as any other dude with £1000 in his pocket that you now happily transferred to the pocket of the chosen retailer.

So my promise to you is this: Whatever you are going to see in the is article or in any content that I produce got to be stylish, but need to be thought through and most importantly must not cost a lot of money.

Without further ado, I like to start from button-up, from inside-out thus:
1. Double Monk Strap shoes.
I love them.
Maybe there is something from this childhood dream when for once you do not have to tie your shoe laces...
In fact, my grandpa used to have one of them in Poland back on the 50's.
He looked amazing.
Anyhow, No, I think it is more to it, than just sheer adversity for the shoe laces.
Good double monks mean business!

But what does it mean 'good double monks'?

Well, they need to be of a certain shape.
Flat, rounded brogues, in dark brown, from decent leather (smell your shoe, that's only what to find out), with raised toe cap, and wooden base.
By the way - your shoes always should have a wooden base.
It means that they are solid, made to certain standard and going to last longer.
Ah, and don't forget to polish your shoe.
Budget: £80-100
Brands: Asos, Zara.
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2. Colourful socks.
Don't be one of those guys (or if you are a wife/girlfriend reading this, don't let him be one of those guys) who only wears black socks.
Black with red three dots, black with 'Monday' written on them, black with a Snowman. These were popular 10 years ago and if you still keep them in your sock drawer from 10 years ago, then it means you are either a cheapskate or you have not been paying attention - you (or your wife/girlfriend) need to donate them to charity.
In today's socks-world the choice is vast.
From crazy colours to tone, from cotton to bamboo.
How to wear colourful socks I hear you ask?
Not too many rules apart from trying to not go crazy yellow for your interview or go with blue when your outfit is in greys and black.
Common sense. If in doubt ask me (@mensfinest.co.uk on Instagram) or ask your partner.
Best Pieces are the ones that bring you joy!
Budget: £3-£6 per pair
Brands: Happy Sock, Next
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3. Chinos.
They are powerful.
Can change the outfit completely.
I have got 8 pairs of chinos all in different colours, all under £30.
Imagine how your blue suit jacket could look like with yellow, blue or mustard chinos. Wait, let me imagine that for a moment...
It can take the most formal jacket into the interesting informal way.
All legit.
You can play with colours and try different combinations for different occasions all day long.
One important note here, though - it needs to be fitted.
Nice snug, tight fit.
To all baggy trousers, 'we say no'.
Honestly, great chinos are one of the best pieces that man could pose in his wardrobe.
Budget: £20-£30
Brands: All high street
4. White shirt.
Timeless in the best pieces article.
Always elegant.
Easy to dress down or up.
Goes well with jeans, suit, short pants, chinos, cargo...
You get the idea, right?
For a wedding, party, barbecue, interview. It just works.
The only thing to remember is that it has to be a quality shirt.

What does that mean?

If you are in the UK, there are two shirt makers that are fighting head to head to get you as a customer - TM Lewin and Charles Tyrwhitt.
Use this knowledge wisely.
Get one of their white shirts and you are sorted.
Also you, as a customer, may take advantage of the fact that they are competing against each other, so often they post on their respective social medias coupon codes and discounts.
This one works as of October 2016. http://bit.ly/TMLewinShirts
Budget: £20-£30
Brands: TM Lewin, Charles Tyrwhitt
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5. Bow tie.
Some people may be intrigued to see a bow tie here.
Well, I am not.
I make them, so I know how much they can change your world, and how the world perceives you!
The bow tie needs have a purpose and not necessarily has to be self-tied, as it requires extra skills and time to learn how to tie them.
To me, this is one of the best pieces, a  vital piece.
If you are going to a black tie, have a black bow tie.
If you are going to a party, wear nice colourful one.
If you are hitting the town, wear something classy, perhaps velvet or 100% wool checked.
The thing is that we need to add something important here.

A disclaimer. 

A disclaimer is needed here, though, as people will start paying attention to you and you attire.
You will get compliments.
You will be stopped on the street.
If you like that - perfect.
If not, I would go for something safer, no bow tie, no style, no date!
Be Like everyone else.
As a matter of the fact - don't buy a bow tie. Stay sad, stay average.
For those who want to have a go - discount code - Thanks- 40%.
You won't regret it!
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