32 truths about mens fashion tips. Learn It!

Learn those truths and pass them on as they are classic and timeless

1. Buy nicely fitted clothes. If not go to tailors. This is important. One of the best men's fashion tips. Remember it!

2. There is no such a thing as being under-dressed or over-educated.

3. Unbutton the bottom button of your jacket - it is not supposed to be buttoned.

4. Don't trust anyone with washing your shirts. Do it yourself.

5. Use Vanish Oxi Action for keeping the shirt bright white.

6. Use Vanish Gold Pre-Treat for removing underarm stains (pack of four).

7. Brown shoes = brown belt. Black shoes = black belt.

8. Polish your shoes with Kiwi Shoe Polish. Make sure you have got all the tools. This is how you do it.

9. When you buy a suit that doesn't fit you well on those forthcoming season sales, you know what to do. See step no.1

Nice fitting suits

10. If you paid £670 or more for your standard suit - you overpaid. No, so much of men's fashion tips but just common sense tip.

11. You are doing extremely well if your co-workers are asking you about your style.

12. The same goes if men or woman observe you and they notice you.

13. For ultimate test of your fashion level, go to Porsche dealer and ask for the test drive on the spot.

14. Car sales people are going to bow to you - if you look amazing that is.

15. People smile to you more often when you dressed well. Not laugh - smile. Grade A of men's fashion tips.

16. You are going to get a surprisingly generous offer at the hotel, restaurant or a shop if you dress well.

17. Other sex is more likely to flirt with you.  Grade A++ of men's fashion tips.

18. GYM clothes could also be fitted and you can wear it with pride.

19. However only to the GYM, though.

Steel Habitat

20. Buy custom tailored shirt. I have used Modern Tailor in the past. 7 days delivery starts from £19.

21. Get more accessories and you will see how your current wardrobe is changing.

22. You can now get rid of your silky, shiny tie that you had since you were 12, bought by aunty Delma.

23. Pay more attention to the actual fabric of what the clothes are made from.

24. Dry clean your suit once in a while. But remember, do them as they came; a suit = pants + jacket.

25. You can play using your sunglasses in terms of colours of your lenses as well as frames.

26. People are arguing less with you when you dressed-up smart.

27. How many parties have you been invited to last year? Being more fashionable = more parties invitation = yet another men's fashion tips to remember.

28. Stop watching television. Nothing to do with being fashionable. Just a general remark.

29. You are going to start looking into GQ and Men's Health for fashion tips.

GQ USA Russell Westbrook

30. Others would want to take selfies with you when you dressed nicely.

31. Negotiate more. If you are dressed well, you can negotiate better stuff.

32. Run Half-marathon. It is easier than you think.Again not strictly men's fashion tips, but good to know.

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Men's Bow Tie


Men's Bow Tie


Men's Bow Tie

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